Press releaseSeptember 21 2020

Kungsleden continues to issue green bonds

During its MTN program, Kungsleden has issued a new green 6-year bond with a nominal amount of SEK 700 million. Kungsleden will also repurchase the short-term bonds that fall due for payment in 2021 with a total nominal amount of SEK 218 million.

The bond, with final maturity date 25 September 2026, was issued at a spread above Stibor of 1.50 per cent.  Of the loan, SEK 550 million has a fixed interest rate equivalent to 1,593% and SEK 150 million of the loan has a floating interest corresponding to Stibor 3 months. In connection with the transaction, Kungsleden has chosen to swap the fixed-rate loan into a floating-rate loan.

"We can conclude that there is a good demand from investors for Kungsleden´s green bonds. So far, we have issued a total of SEK 2 billion in green bonds during the year. This issue enabled Kungsleden to establish a new, lower price point in the market and will improve further our already good liquidity position. Green financing now makes up 36 per cent of our loan portfolio,” says Ylva Sarby Westman, Deputy CEO and CFO at Kungsleden.

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