In the dialogue with you as a customer, we offer flexible premises that can be quickly modified as your needs change.

Examples may be the need for a new floor plan, larger or smaller areas due to employment, cuts or other business changes.

Being able to adapt your premises is important in order to be able to shape a workplace that creates the conditions for a successful business. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at an early stage when you have thoughts about your future needs.

Can I make adjustments to the premises myself?

For own work in the premises, written permission from the landlord is required. Therefore, always contact us so we can brainstorm ideas and find the best solution.

  • Examples of solutions together with Kungsleden
  • Move the cleaning crib and create two new jobs.
  • Create storage space in the half-empty garage.
  • Install comfort cooling to provide comfortable coolness during the hot summer months.
  • Or why not move the company to the neighboring premises to enable the expansion.

Change premises within the same area

If the premises you rent cannot be adapted to live up to your needs in a good way, we can often help you find another alternative in the same area. In many of the places where we are located, we strive to gather several properties in the same area, in what we call clusters.

It gives us strong local roots and better opportunities to offer flexible local solutions to our customers. Contact your property manager and we will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Can I put up a sign on the facade?

Setting up a sign on the facade is always done in consultation with your property manager with regard to the property's sign program.