Customer at Kungsleden

Actively manage

We regard ourselves as a long-term landlord, engaged in an ongoing and close dialogue with our tenants.

What our current and potential tenants need and desire is central to our organisation. It is how we create value and active management, i.e. via satisfied tenants that choose Kungsleden year after year.

We continually improve our tenant offering through the quality of our portfolio, a wide range of services and managers and rental providers who are highly accessible. Above all, it
is our cluster strategy and locally established organisation that gives us local recognition, enabling us to attract prospective customers and offer new solutions to existing tenants when their current premises no longer meet the needs of their organisation. It provides value for money.

Right location at the right price

Due to the goal-oriented, streamlining efforts that we have been implementing since 2013, we now have higher-quality properties, more of which are located in attractive areas.
By gathering properties in selected locations, which we call clusters, we can create an attractive offering for our tenants. Our clusters are located near hubs and thoroughfares, which makes them very accessible. It also enables us to create a wide range of services, thanks to a strong local presence and more efficient property management. In the end, it means that our tenants and prospective customers get the right location for the right price.