Our sustainable customer offering

We are constantly adapting our customer offering to be able to meet our tenants' wishes, together reduce our climate emissions and focus on human health and well-being.

Environmentally certified buildings

Kungsleden certifies new construction, conversion and existing properties in accordance with LEED, which is an international certification with a holistic approach to sustainability.

LEED certification for existing properties (LEED O + M) helps us to ensure the quality of our buildings and makes it possible to measure and monitor energy consumption, water, waste, indoor environment and the tenant's travel patterns so that in active dialogue with tenants, we can work together to reduce the environmental and climatic impact in your particular building.

The innovation project DigiLEED is ongoing where we automate LEED certification with connected meters and sensors for better data and less administration.

Read more about LEED here

Sustainability data

If you are a tenant and want information about energy, water and waste consumption, we will be happy to share it with you.

Contact your trustee for help.


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