Community involvement and diversity

Kungsleden is a values-driven company that endeavours to be a positive force for change and contribute to sustainable societal development. We do this through a positive culture and a constant striving to always be professional, show consideration and have fun at work. To succeed, we also need to reflect our entire society. To this end, we have a strong focus on increased diversity and inclusion throughout the company.

A well-functioning society is a prerequisite for the attractive, sustainable and inspiring places we want to create. As property owners, we take our share of societal responsibility seriously. We actively working with the local communities where we have our properties and in various ways contribute to better living environments and increased attractiveness of the areas.

Our cluster strategy, which is to gather properties in selected locations, helps establish our position in the areas as a major player, thus affording us increased opportunities to influence and develop the district's attractiveness. To go further, we are happy to collaborate with other property owners, municipal decision-makers, organisations and the people who live and stay in the area.

Together with Fryshuset, we develop our community involvement and we offer, for example, annual summer jobs to young people who are outside the labour market. These young people are given a great first experience of working life and a reference which they can take to their future employment. At the same time, we are given better opportunities to increase our diversity and improve our future supply of skills.

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