Business ethics, health and safety

Kungsleden is a values-driven company with employees who are keen to contribute to sustainable development that extends beyond the realm of the company. Our success depends on working ethically, making the same demands on ourselves as we make on others and caring for each other.

Our values ​​help us make the right decisions which in turn has made us an open and attractive workplace. We continually converse with both managers and employees to see and learn from how they are integrating our values into their work and lives.

High ethical requirements and zero tolerance for corruption

Our professional corporate culture means that we have high business ethics requirements. We distance ourselves from all forms of corruption and have zero tolerance for irregularities. The terms of our business must always be business-like and transparent. Our requirements are translated into action through training, follow-up and ongoing internal communication.

High demands also on suppliers

Our business ethics requirements extends to our suppliers. To ensure that the purchase of goods and services take place in a responsible manner, we have a code of conduct for suppliers that they must sign and follow in order to be able to work with us. The code also covers human rights, the working environment and environmental issues. We follow up compliance by requesting documentation and conducting audits with our suppliers. Deviations lead to the relationship ending.

Whistleblower system as support

In our whistleblower system for both workers and external parties, it is possible to anonymously report suspected corruption, work environment deficiencies and business ethics deviations, but also suspected deficiencies in the work environment.

Zero tolerance for accidents

Kungsleden has zero tolerance for accidents at work. To achieve this, we place great focus on creating a preventive work environment.

We care about the health and well-being of our employees, both physically and mentally. At the same time, we ensure that our processes around accidents and incidents are developed continuously, and that training is in place to strengthen knowledge and make it easier for our employees to work safely.

To a large extent, we are each other's work environment and with this in mind, we work compassionately to improve how we treat and act towards each other. Workload and stress are a challenge on Kungsleden just like in the rest of society. Here we work preventively and train our employees on how to identify warning signals and act on them.

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