Our projects

The Rotterdam District

In the heart of the newdistrict of Värtahamnen, Kungsleden develops the Rotterdam property 1 to "The Rotterdam District". During the first quarter of 2019, the work will begin with rebuiling facades and entrances to create a modern and harmonious impression.

Rebuilding the entrances along the Hangövägen, and the existing restaurant helps to create an active ground floor in line with the urban development plans.

Whole new shape

Värtahamnen will get a whole new shape in the coming years and it is completely in line with Kungsleden’s vision of creating attractive and sustainable places that enspire people.

Kungsleden is one of the City Developers in Värtahamnen, which together with other property owners and Stockholm City helps open a closed harbor to the public and creates a unique new neighborhood next to the sea.

Project type: Renovation
Category: Office
Leasable area sq.m: 21 000
Completed: 2020
Contact: Sophie Löfving, Head of Projects, 08-503 052 84