Blästern 14, Stockholm

At Blästern 14, Kungsleden and Nobis are creating a design hotel designed to be a city oasis. When the old lamp factory on Gävlegatan has undergone its transformation, there is an attractive meeting place for workers and residents in the area. A place with an architectural character and which lives most of the hours of the day. The property includes offices and hotels that have been integrated in a way that is unique to Stockholm, which gives office tenants service and facilities beyond the ordinary.

Kungsleden has signed a 20 year lease agreement with Nobis to develop a new design hotel on Gävlegatan in the heart of Vasastan and Hagastaden in Stockholm. The hotel will with its 242 hotel rooms, conference facilities and restaurant, become a new destination for hotel guests, neighbours, residents and tourists.

One of Europe’s largest city development projects is currently under way in Stockholm as two major city municipalities are linked together by a completely new city district, Hagastaden. The district will unite state-of-the-art science with Vasastan’s urban puls. This is where we as a property owner want to create a spot where residents, professionals and visitors can relax and enjoy Stockholm’s hidden gems.

The property Blästern 14 is in need of modernization and improvements. The building’s architecture, history, purpose and location all indicate a great potential. This is why we have decided to develop the property based on the current zoning plan, giving us the ability to transform the current offices into a hotel.

The property is located on the border between the city districts Vasastan and Hagastan, along what will become a natural connection from Odenplan/Skt Eriksplan, via Vanadisplan and down towards Torsplan.

An oasis in the city

Gävlegatan, where the property is located, will be an important street uniting the current city district with the new. This is where we have a vision of an oasis in the city. A place for people to work, live and hang out. A hotel will add to the areas appeal and will also have a commercial value with the close proximity of not only a new city district, but also one of Europe’s foremost Life Science research centers with the Karolinska Institute near by. 

The hotel is one step in the development of the area where housing, offices, conference facilities and a restaurant will bring live to the city environment. Together with our future customers in the property, we want to raise the appeal of the entire area so that it reflects today’s Stockholm. It’s the holistic approach that creates value for everybody.

Project type: Renovation and conversion
Type: Hotel and office
Approx. area, in sq. m.: 17 000
Expected year of completion: Hotel - Q1 2019, Office - Q1 2020
Estimated investment: 560 SEK m
Contact: Sophie Löfving, Head of Projects, 08-503 052 84