Our concepts

The Symbiotic concept - districts, buildings and offices in interaction with humans

We take a holistic approach to sustainability that takes into account people, the environment and the economy. Within this Symbiotic concept for buildings, districts and offices, based on resource efficiency and circularity, we want to create the best conditions to foster healthy and prosperous people and successful companies.

We know that companies achieve better results if their employees feel good. By putting people at the centre and creating good interactions - a symbiosis - between building and people, employees will perform better, which in turn benefits the business.

Interaction between building and man on three levels

The Symbiotic concept consists of three parts - Symbiotic district, Symbiotic building and Symbiotic office - which symbolise the levels district, building and office.

While the Symbiotic district consists of a framework for district development, the Symbiotic building and the Symbiotic office focus on the design and content of the building itself and the office space, respectively.

Symbiotic District's framework is based on ten criteria and is used as a tool in land allocation applications to create the project idea.

Symbiotic Districts framework:

  1. Biophilia – indoor and outdoor nature.
  2. Community and connection - shared services and public ground floors.
  3. Durability and circularity – recycling, reusing, environmental certifications and locally produced materials.
  4. Human scale – naked eye level design.
  5. Mobility – diversity in design and mixed use of buildings, accessibility.
  6. Climate protection – resilience and the prevention of social and environmental challenges.
  7. Smart buildings – technology for efficient use.
  8. Health and wellbeing – healthy diet, exercise and recovery.
  9. Social return and inner motivation – taking responsibility for one's area, ownership and spirituality.
  10. Aging, migration and equality – inclusion and acceptance of differences.

Symbiotic Building and Symbiotic Office are based on four cornerstones and are used to develop concept ideas, premium offices and classify existing properties.

Symbiotic Building and Symbiotic Office consist of four cornerstones:

  • Health and wellbeing
    Which, for example, can mean:
    • WELL V2
    • Bicycle workshop
    • Lectures and training sessions
    • Outdoor work
    • Bicycle lending
    • Nutritious diet
  • Biophilia
    Which, for example, can mean:
    • Cultivations
    • Natural materials
    • Natural climate zone
    • RE-use
    • Plantwalls
  • Intelligens
    Which, for example, can mean:
    • Wifi throughout the house incl. garage
    • Prepared passage for HGA
    • Own digital platform
    • Onboarding
    • Sensors, cameras and speakers
  • Service
    Which, for example, can mean:
    • Package deliveries
    • Shared reception
    • Breakfast and after work events
    • Catering
    • Business accommodation
    • Conference room
    • Café and bistro


Ongoing projects


Eden in Malmö is Kungsleden's first Symbiotic Building. A place where smart digital solutions, first-class service and elements close to nature work in symbiosis so that human well-being is always at the center.

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