Our sustainable customer offering

Klimatsmart premises - the road to a climate-positive future

Our concept Klimatsmart premises is an important part of our work to achieve our environmental goal of being climate positive by 2035. Klimatsmart premises offers office premises that have the lowest possible impact on the climate and environment over an entire lifespan - from start of construction, to renovation and operation.

Premises adaptations play a large part in achieving a positive environmental impact. In order to integrate environmentally positive thinking with our premises, we need to think circularly and recycle over the entire life of the premises, only using materials with a low climatic impact. Read more about the principles for climate-smart premises below.

A climate-smart room has:

Low environmental impact

  • Materials without dangerous and endocrine disruptors
  • High proportion of recycled material
  • Material selection based on the entire service life
  • Environmentally friendly and low maintenance needs, possibility of upgrading and take-back
  • High resource efficiency throughout its life

Low climate impact

  • Recycling in the first place
  • Renewable material choice
  • Pure materials in the product composition
  • Locally produced products (renewable energy during production, short transport times, access to spare parts)
  • Circular business models

High flexibility

  • Adapted to business needs
  • High flexibility and adaptability of the use of the premises
  • High physical reversibility to new needs (in the floor plan)


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