Press releaseApril 23 2015

Kungsleden’s Annual General Meeting 2015

The Meeting approved the Board of Director’s proposed dividend of SEK 1.50 per share. The record date was set as 27 April and the dividend is scheduled for disbursement by Euroclear Sweden AB on 30 April 2015.

In her address to the AGM, Chief Executive Officer Biljana Pehrsson reviewed the financial year 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. The Chief Executive Officers address was recorded on video, and will be available at Kungsleden’s website,, from 24 April 2014 onwards.

The AGM discharged the Board members and Chief Executive Officer from liability for the financial year 2014.

The Meeting resolved that the Board of Directors shall have seven members.

The following Board members were re-elected: Charlotte Axelsson, Joachim Gahm, Liselotte Hjorth, Lars Holmgren, Göran Larsson, Kia Orback Pettersson and Charlotta Wikström. Göran Larsson was also re-elected as Chairman of the Board.

The Meeting appointed Göran Larsson, nominated by Gösta Welandson and companies; also Chairman of the Board, Eva Gottfridsdotter-Nilsson, nominated by Länsförsäkringar Asset Management, Krister Hjelmstedt, nominated by Olle Florén and companies and Martin Jonasson, nominated by AP2 (the Second Swedish National Pension Fund) as members of the Nomination Committee.

The Meeting adopted the Board of Directors’ proposal on remuneration guidelines for senior executives.

The Meeting approved the Board of Directors’ proposal to authorise the Board to make decisions on one or more occasions for the period up until the next AGM, to repurchase that total number of shares so that the company’s holdings do not exceed ten per cent of all the shares of the company at any time. Repurchases of shares shall be on Nasdaq Stockholm, and may only be executed at a price within the quoted price interval on each occasion, which means the interval between the highest bid price and lowest offer price. The purpose of this authorisation is for the Board to attain the flexibility to enable decision-making regarding an altered capital structure on a continuous basis, and thus contribute to increased shareholder value.

The Meeting approved, in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, on alterations and amendments to the Articles of Association including the introduction of a new class of share, in order to approve a new issue of preference shares. The Meeting resolved to authorise the Board to, at one or more occasions before the next Annual General Meeting, with deviation from the preferential  right of shareholders, resolve upon new issue of maximum of 6,000,000 preference shares. The Meeting also resolved that dividends shall be paid quarterly until the 2016 Annual General Meeting to an amount of SEK 5 per preference share for those preference shares which can be issued by endorsement of the authority.

The Meeting resolved to alter the Articles of Association's provision regarding the auditor's term of office to one year, and re-elected KPMG AB as auditor for the period until the close of the Annual General Meeting 2016.

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