Press releaseApril 29 2010

Annual General Meeting of Kungsleden

Press Release 29 April 2010

On Wednesday, listed Swedish property company Kungsleden AB (publ) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Meeting approved the Board of Directors’ proposed dividends of SEK 3.75 per share. The record date was set at 3 May 2010, and dividends are scheduled to be sent from Euroclear Sweden AB on 6 May 2010. In his address to the Meeting, Chief Executive Thomas Erséus reviewed the financial year 2009 and current market conditions. There was a video recording of the Chief Executive’s address, which will be available at Kungsleden’s website from 29 April 2010 onwards. The Meeting discharged the Board members and Chief Executive from liability for the financial year 2009. The following Board members were re-elected: Thomas Erséus, Per-Anders Ovin, Magnus Meyer, Jan Nygren, Jonas Nyrén, Charlotta Wikström and Leif Garph. Kia Orback Pettersson was elected as a Board member. Per-Anders Ovin was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. The Meeting appointed Olle Florén (representing Olle Florén and companies), Frank Larsson, (representing Handelsbanken Fonder) and Eva Gottfridsdotter-Nilsson (representing Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning) as members of the Nomination Committee. In his position as Chairman of the Board, Per-Anders Ovin is Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The Meeting approved the Board’s proposed guidelines for remuneration and other employment terms of senior management. The Meeting also approved the Board’s proposal on authorisation for the Board to reach decisions on issuing convertibles. The Meeting did not approve the proposal from shareholder Reckon Svenska AB to decide on the appointment of an independent examiner to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Board’s/individual Board member’s actions in competing activities. At the subsequent Board meeting following election, the following members of the Remuneration Committee were appointed: Per-Anders Ovin, Jan Nygren and Charlotta Wikström and the following members of the Audit Committee were appointed: Leif Garph (Chairman), Magnus Meyer and Kia Orback Pettersson. Kungsleden AB (publ) discloses the information in this press release according to the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Swedish Financial Trading Act. The information was provided for public release on 29 April 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

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