Press releaseJune 20 2006

Kungsleden acquires and sells

The property company Kungsleden AB (publ) has acquired and sold the following properties:

Kungsleden acquires 10 properties in Malmö for MSEK 180. The yield based on the purchase price is calculated at 6,6 %. The lettable area of the properties amounts to 16 600 sq.m, consisting mainly of elderly living, offices and residential apartments, with a rental value of MSEK 15,4. Possession changes hands on 20 June 2006.

Kungsleden sells the property Druvan 1 located in the central parts of Malmö for a sales price of MSEK 55. The sales price exceeds the book value with MSEK 1 and the purchase value with MSEK 14. The later is included in the dividend based result for 2006. The lettable area amounts to about 2 800 sq.m with a rental value of approximately MSEK 4. Possession changes hands on 1 September 2006.

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