Sustainability at Kungsleden

Environment and climate

We will be proactive in lowering our use of finite resources and minimising our negative impact on the environment so that future generations have the same opportunities that are available to us today.

Kungsleden has established long-term goals to lower its energy use by 20 percent by 2020. We now have a 2020 vision of fully integrating sustainability issues throughout the organisation.

Energy stocktaking

During 2015, extensive efforts were directed at energy efficiency meas­ures on an energy area of 6,642 MWh, which corresponds to SEK 5.5 million. This resulted from the energy “raids” and “stock­taking” that we performed. An energy raid involves adjusting existing systems, twice per year, so that they function optimally. Energy stock­taking is aimed at identifying meas­ures that can lower energy use.

Documentation of energy risks

We also fully documented the environmental risks associated with our holdings, which has included risk of asbestos, PCBs, radon and soil pollution. Once documented, we created a sampling plan for one property and started taking soil samples. In addi­tion, we conducted a risk assessment of an area that we previ­ously owned. Efforts to phase out our remaining oil boilers are still underway at the seven properties that still rely on oil heat­ing.

We signed agreements during the year to phase out the oil boilers at two of these properties, replacing them with air heat pumps and gas. The air heat pump on its own results in savings of 500 tonnes carbon per year.

Environmental projects

Efforts to complete a number of environmental projects con­tinue, read about some of them under our sustainability projects.

Environmental certification

Approximately 11 per cent of our property value now has environmental certification by at least one of the following: LEED, Miljöbyggnad or GreenBuilding. Efforts to further increase the share continue. Read more about Environmental certification here

We have also joined the Fossil Free Sweden Initiative, launched by the Government. It provides us with excellent opportunities for influencing and helping promote environmental issues that are important to us and society. It’s a way that we can also help convince others to contribute to a fossil free society.