Kungsleden has completed three large climate projects on different properties in Västerås. The projects have used new technology in order to meet both the Property Managers’ and customers’ requirements.

One of our properties in Västerås has large glass areas which create an indoor climate challenge due to the suns radiation during the summer months. Together with 3M and Kungsleden’s contractor Basreklam, a new sun film based nano technology has been installed on 900 sqm of glass.

The new sun film is virtually invisible to the eye but still reduces sun radiation with 60 per cent and UV-radiation with 99.9 per cent. The films optical quality allows it to shield the sun light without creating a darker environment in the premises. In addition, the sun film is free from metals commonly used in other films, which otherwise would create corrosion and interfere with mobile signals.

”Thanks to 3M’s sun film we don’t need to cool down the buildings, which otherwise is very energy demanding. As a major property owner we have a responsibility towards the environment and our tenants. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new technologies and materials which can lower our footprint on the environment and society”, says Thomas Wallin, Property Manager at Kungsleden.