Kungsleden has completed three large climate projects on different properties in Västerås. The projects have used new technology in order to meet both the Property Managers’ and customers’ requirements.

At the Finnslätten industrial area Kungsleden owns several warehouse buildings with vast roof areas. We have chosen to take advantage of this but using a new roof material called Derbigum Olivine. The roof material is covered with the mineral Olivine, one of our most common minerals, which has the ability to capture carbon dioxide. When it rains the Olivine reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air and converts it to silicon dioxide and magnesite.

We have currently installed Derbigum Olivine on 38,000 sqm of roof space, which during the life time of the roof will neutralize more than 66 tones of carbon dioxide. This correlates to 476,000 kilometers of driving.

New tech – Olivine roof