Kungsleden's property portfolio constitutes of commercial premises in Greater Stockholm, Greater Gothenburg, southwestern Sweden and the Mälar Valley within the categories Office, Industry/Warehouse and Retail.

Since we  implemented a new strategy in 2013 we have worked to refine and optimize our property portfolio to our chosen growth markets and categories. For example, we have lowered our municipality presence from over 140 to approximately 20 today. Also, we have raised the quality level of our properties which is partly reflected in the increased portfolio value.

We have already achieved most of our refinement efforts set out in 2013, with focus now shifting to expansion of the portfolio based on the new strategy. Going forward our clusters will play an important role. By gathering our properties in clusters we can achieve a more efficient management process and present a more attractive customer offering. Today, 70 per cent of our properties are located within one of our twelve clusters.
Learn more about our cluster strategy and Kungsleden's clusters here.

our portfolio

As of December 31, 2018 we owned 222  properties (including property development and investment projects) to a book value of SEK 34 697 million. 85 per cent of our operations are concentrated on its four priority growth markets of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Västerås.

At the end of 2018, Kungsleden had 14 properties classified as development properties. Six projects are in the implementation stage.

The property portfolio's development

We concluded three of Kungsleden’s development projects in the first half-year: the office property Enen 10 in Södertälje, the Tegnér 15 shopping centre in Växjö, and part of Laven 6 in Umeå. These properties have now returned to our management organisation.

Kungsleden accessed the LEED-certified office property STUDIO (Tyfonen 1) in Malmö, which was acquired in the first quarter. The properties Gladan 5, 6 and 7 was acquired in February.

Five properties were vacated: Brännaren 8 in Malmö, Rausgård 22 in Helsingborg, Lövkojan 10 in Katrineholm, Stenvreten 4:1 in Enköping and part of Aspgärdan 18 in Umeå.