Our clusters

As a long-term property owner it is important to fully comprehend our customers and their needs. By engaging in a close dialogue, and with properties located close together, we can meet our customers’ requirements and changed needs. Often before they realize these themselves. At least this is our ambition.

To understand our customers’ needs and have an insight into the local community are crucial factors in order to operate a successful and sustainable property management. This is why we continuously work to build and strengthen our relations both within and around our properties. We also invest more time than ever in improving our dialogue with tenants, as well as developing our team of skilled Lease Managers who have strong relations in the area where they operate.

We always strive to have a long relationship with our tenants, however changes can occur in their business which results adjusted premises requirements. Most property owners will find it difficult to find a solution for the tenant.

Our cluster strategy – important attributes

  • At a good location with high accessibility
  • Near thoroughfares and hubs
  • In a market with high growth and momentum
  • Contain a mix of offices, retail and residential premises
  • Potential for development as regards to both cityscape and profile

Our cluster strategy– unique possibilities

  • Provides us with a better customer offering
  • Large volume provides us with management synergies
  • Increases our knowledge of the area
  • Enables us to deliver the desired level of service
  • Ability to help shape development of the area
  • With local offices, we are closer to our tenants

Today, we have twelve clusters in chosen growth regions.


  • Danderyd Kontor (Office, 100,000 sq.m)
  • Kista City (Office, 147,000 sq.m)
  • Västberga Industrial Area (Office/Industry/Warehouse, 38,000 sq.m)
  • Stockholm City West - Västra Kungsholmen (Office, 49,000 sq.m)
  • Stockholm City East - Gärdet/Frihamnen (kontor/hotell, 85 000 sq.m)

Region Stockholm


  • Högsbo (Office/Industry/Warehouse, 109,000 sq.m)
  • Gothenburg South Central (Office/Garaging, 50 000 sq.m)


  • Fosie (Office/Industry/Warehouse, 52,000 sq.m)
  • Hyllie/Svågertorp (Office/Exhibition/Conference, 50,000 sq.m) ¹

Region Malmö

¹ Includes 10 000 square meter parkinggarage


  • Västerås City (Office, 153,000 sq.m)
  • Finnslätten Industrial Area (Office/Industry/Warehouse, 237,000 sq.m)

Region Västerås


Östersundkluster (office, industry, warehouse, 79,000 sq.m)