Since we changed our strategic direction Kungsleden has worked to put an organisation in place that will support being a long-term property owner who actively manages and develops properties.

We operate from our Head Office in Stockholm as well as our Regional Offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Västerås. Kungsleden also has local offices/showrooms in Eskilstuna, Jönköping, Kista, Högsbo and Östersund. Our three Regional Managers are responsible for the daily management and leasing operations with support from a number of group functions at the Head Office. The Head of Real Estates report directly to the CEO.

As a long-term property owner we highly value a close dialogue with our customers as this allows us to fully understand their needs and thus can tailor our offering. In order to achieve this we have put in place a decentralized organisation where employees close to the business are encouraged to make decisions since they are knowledgeable about the local market and are close to the customers.

The organisation’s demeanor rests on three value pillars, which are to contribute to a pleasant working environment for our employees and a business which surpasses our customers’ expectations.

Our core values

Our common core values and business culture guide us in how we act and communicate. They describe how we as a corporation and as individuals want to be met and how we meet others in our day to day work. We view them as guiding stars towards becoming one of Sweden’s largest property companies with a focus on value creating property management and property development.


As an organisation we are professional in everything we do and how we act. We are ambitious and make an extra effort to continuously improve and deliver quality in every detail. We are business minded and always put our clients first without losing the ability to weigh the client’s interest against our own.


We show each other, our clients and our community respect and consideration. By adopting an open and inclusive approach we help develop Kungsleden’s and our clients’ business, as well as improve the community we are a part of.


Joy is important for us. We create joy in our daily work by being professional and considerate. By having a solutions orientated mind-set. And by showing commitment and appreciation.

The OrganiSation in figures as per 31/12

Number of employees


Total gender division

53% women

Gender division in the Management Group

66% women

Gender division in the Board

57% women

Sick leave


Age division



 <30 year  5  6
30-50 year 28 39
>50 year 16 6