We are just over 100 colleagues at Kungsleden. About half are based at our head office in Stockholm and the rest at one of our local offices.

Our organisation

Our three Regional Managers are responsible for our day-to-day management and leasing operations. We also have departments that specialise in real estate development and transactions – and of course staff functions such as HR, sustainability, finance and communication. In 2019, we began recruiting to establish our own service organisation.

For us at Kungsleden, the customer always comes first. We want to understand the needs of the people who have their workplaces in our premises. Therefore, we have a decentralised way of working whereby as many decisions as possible are made close to the customer, by our employees who know their tenants, properties and geographical areas best.

In total, we are 52 percent women and 48 percent men. Our management group consists of slightly more women than men and we are slightly more men than women in property management. In 2018, 9 percent of Kungsleden’s employees had a foreign background.

Kungsleden’s objective is to be the most attractive workplace with an efficient organisation and motivated employees that create results.

See who we are.


Our culture and values are based on professionalism, caring and joy. These three words describe how we act towards others and how we want to be treated.


We are an organisation that is professional in everything we do and how we act. We are ambitious and make every effort to constantly improve and always ensure high quality. We are business-oriented and always have the customer’s best interests at heart, while at the same time balancing the customer’s interest with our own.


We show respect and consideration for each other, our customers and our surroundings. By having an open and inclusive approach, we develop the operations of both Kungsleden and our customers as well as improve the society we are a part of.


Joy is important to us. We create joy by being professional, showing consideration, being committed and solution oriented as well as showing appreciation for each other.

The OrganiSation in figures as per 31/12

Number of employees


Total gender division

53% women

Gender division in the Management Group

66% women

Gender division in the Board

57% women

Sick leave


Age division



 <30 year  5  6
30-50 year 28 39
>50 year 16 6