The company emerged from the banking crisis of the 1990’s, and government corporations Retriva AB and Securum AB. When the property bubble burst, banks found themselves with substantial property portfolios, which they just wanted to get off their hands.

This marked the birth of Kungsleden—as a temporary crisis solution to manage Gota Bank AB’s held property assets. Gota Bank formed a subsidiary grouping, Retriva, with Kungsleden as this group’s property company.

Some of the market’s biggest institutional investors bought the company in 1997, creating secure long-term ownership for its future. The seller was the then-principal owner, government management corporation Agilia Holding AB. The business concept was realigned to its current orientation, and Kungsleden was listed on the stock market in 1999 with a property portfolio worth SEK 5 billion.

In 2013 a new strategy was developed which marked the beginning of a new Kungsleden. Today, Kungsleden is a long-term owner of commercial properties focusing on actively managing, improving and developing the portfolio. Since 2013 the portfolio has grown and is per September 30, 2016 worth SEK 28,6  billion. Simultaneously, the geographic footprint has come down from a presence in 141 municipalities to 59. The expansion continues according to plan thanks to engaged, customer focused and professional employees. 



Kungsleden is founded as the Retriva Group’s property company in order to manage Gota Bank’s held property assets


Kungsleden is acquired by a group of institutional investors


Kungsleden is listed with a property portfolio worth SEK 5 billion


Hemsö, a company gathering Kungsleden’s public properties, is divested


A new Kungsleden emerges focusing on long-term ownership, active management, improvement and development of commercial properties in chosen growth regions. Biljana Pehrsson assumes the role as CEO


The acquired property portfolio from General Electric valued at SEK 5 billion is assumed.

The industry’s largest rights issue of SEK 1.6 billion is over subscribed and allows Kungsleden to realise its strategy

Nordic Modular Group is divested to Inter IKEA Investments – Kungsleden keeps a 35% stake in the company


Kungsleden reached their long-term goals for 2017 ahead of schedule and a new business plan with 2020 goals was created during autumn.

At the end of the year Kungsleden has a property portfolio valued at  SEK 27,5 billion and the head office has moved into new premises on Västra Kungsholmen in Stockholm