Do you want to work for a dynamic and creative company that aspires to be Sweden’s largest and most successful real estate company? Do you value professionalism, caring and joy? Then read more about working for Kungsleden.

Kungsleden is a long-term property owner with the vision to create attractive and sustainable places where people are inspired. Our goal as an employer is to provide the most attractive workplace with an efficient organisation and motivated employees who achieve results.


At the end of 2018, Kungsleden had just over 100 employees working with everything from property management and leasing to transactions and project development. Our decision-making processes are decentralised and there are excellent opportunities to get involved and influence.

Our three values – professionalism, caring and joy – guide our people’s conduct towards each other and external parties. These core values make it easier to make the right decisions and prioritise during our day-to-day activities. Conduct consistent with our core values is evaluated in scheduled annual goal-setting and appraisal interviews.

Clear leadership is a core factor for employee satisfaction. We therefore have three leadership promises that guide our leaders in everyday situations:

  • I demonstrate openness, trust my staff and have confidence in them.
  • I support my staff, am present and available, help develop them and offer constructive feedback.
  • I engage my staff and create positive energy based on our core values and vision.

we aim to reflect society

Kungsleden’s goal is that its people should reflect the diversity of the wider society – and that everyone should have equal developmental opportunities. As this is an important issue in our society, it is also essential within Kungsleden.

Our gender distribution is overall even, and among senior executives, women are the majority. In other aspects of diversity such as foreign background, we still have some work to do. Read more about diversity and equality HERE.

Health, safety and solidarity

We want to give all employees a safe and healthy workplace with a feeling of togetherness. At Kungsleden, we look out for one another and the company encourages a healthy lifestyle, including favourable healthcare contributions and exercise initiatives such as fitness coaches, Thursday walks, and participation in the races Run for Life and Stafesten for UNICEF.

Preventing any harassment is fundamental. Kungsleden also works proactively with safety, such as through internal routines and tools. Read more about Health and Safety HERE.

Career development opportunities

At Kungsleden, we have a decentralised decision culture. This promotes action and innovation.

If you have good ideas, there are great opportunities to influence. As a company, we live in a changing environment, which means that you should appreciate change if you work with us.

There is great competence in the company to draw on and we offer courses and training that suit both the individual and the company. Our organisational structure and business model mean that work at Kungsleden is in constant development.

We have a structured process for succession planning, which aims to take advantage of the employees’ potential and willingness to develop and minimise the risk of a lack of competence. Development can either involve learning new things within an existing role or trying something completely new. We have many employees who have tried different roles and tasks.

We work on defining and clarifying career pathways within the company, and we expect our people to take active responsibility for their own career development. Twice a year, we conduct individual goal and development talks where personal goals are set and followed up.