Total return

See how the share's total return has developed over time.

Information about total return

Total return

Return for shareholders is measured preferably in the form of total return. Total return is defined as the share price development, including reinvested dividends. The return over a given period will thus be the share price plus dividends that occurred during the period. The dividend is expected to be invested on the day shares traded ex-dividend (x days). Total return can be presented as a percentage or a certain currency.

Average annualized Total return

Total return can also be expressed as an annualized average over a given period.

Share price graph

When viewing longer periods of the share price graph the graph presents grouped stock price data. This is done to achieve better technical performance and to get a clearer presentation of the chart. Grouping data means that the date represents a certain period and the share price to closing price.

Adjusted dividend

The dividend amount adjusted for share issues and splits. Example: In 2006, dividend SEK 10 per share to the owners. In 2010, a split that gives shareholders two shares for one old. Dividend of SEK 10 in 2006 is recalculated taking into account that the owners now have twice as many shares as compared to the time of the distribution. The adjusted dividend is in the example SEK 5 per share.

Trade and instruments

For information on trade and various instruments, refer to the NASDAQ OMX Nordic's website.