Repurchase of own shares

The Board of Directors of Kungsleden AB (publ) decided on the 19th november 2020 to utilise the mandate from the Annual General Meeting held on 23 April 2020 concerning the repurchase of own shares. The buy-back programme has a scope of up to SEK 300 million applying until the date of the next Annual General Meeting.

The aim of the buy-back programme is to optimise the company’s capital structure, thereby increasing shareholder value. The repurchased shares shall be held in treasury and may be used for, amongst others, the financing of potential future property acquisitions. Kungsleden’s financial position is nonetheless deemed strong and capable of providing the headroom to continue to develop the business, even after completion of the resolved share buy-back. Kungsleden currently holds no shares in treasury.

Press release: "The Board of Directors of Kungsleden has decided to repurchase own shares".