Risks and risk management

Kungsleden’s operations are mainly oriented on owning, managing and developing offices and other commercial premises, focusing on offices in Stockholm, as well as Sweden’s other growth regions.

We operate on the Swedish market exclusively, and accordingly, are influenced by how the Swedish economy progresses. The Board of Directors bears overall responsibility for risk management, while operating activities are delegated to the CEO and management.

Kungsleden is continuously exposed to various risks that may be significant to the company’s future operations, results of operations and financial position. We work actively to identify and manage the risks and opportunities that are material to our operations.

Our risks are divided into categories; business environment risks, risks related to property development, sustainability risks, financial risks, IT-risks and tax risks.

Read about our risks and risk management in our latest annual report.


Latest annual report

Annual and sustainability report 2020

"Focus on future sustainable growth", says Kungsleden's CEO Biljana Pehrsson.