Outlook and megatrends

As part of Kungsleden’s strategic planning, we identify trends in our business environment that impact us and present business opportunities. Our analysis of the business environment also helps us to create long-lasting, attractive and inspiring places.

Good health and well-being

People are increasingly focusing on health and well-being in both their working lives and free time. Stress and a demanding job need to be balanced with healthier environments both indoors and out, the chance to exercise, flexibility and time for leisure and private life.

Business opportunities: Kungsleden focuses on people when we develop and design offices and spaces, based on science, that benefit both health and well-being. Innovation, new technology and new services can counteract much of what causes stress and ill health. Opportunities for exercise, social interaction, job satisfaction and flexibility at work are key factors for us.


Modern-day society and the economy are undergoing digitalisation on all fronts. It presents new business models, work methods, services and solutions.

Business opportunities: Using smart and secure digital services and solutions, ­Kungsleden can simplify everyday life, make it more enjoyable and more inspiring for the employees of tenants. Similarly, we can digitise our own operations to further hone our processes and become more efficient and sustainable in our deliveries to customers.

The office as a brand

Competition for the best employees is intensifying and the talented people of today expect more from their employer. The location of the office, design and service offering are also growing in importance as companies and organisations build their brand in the labour market.

Business opportunities: Kungsleden is building a strong brand in the office market through its quality, unique solutions and a broad range of options for different customers with varying requirements. We are thus able to meet customer-specific requirements and help customers to distinguish and strengthen their own brand towards potential employees.

Transforming the office

Work methods and technology have evolved so that many people can do much of their work at home or elsewhere. Therefore, what the office is most needed for today is for meetings in person, collaboration, exchanging ideas and know-how, team and culture building, and driving business.

Business opportunities: Together with our customers and based on scientific knowledge, smart technology and innovative services, Kungsleden designs office environments and spaces that optimally promote job satisfaction, dynamics, meetings and positive interaction. Customers’ employees feel better and can perform better, thereby building value for our tenants.

Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals

Governments, companies and organisations around the world are focusing on realising the sustainable development goals (SDGs) established by the UN. In particular, there is intense focus on efforts to reduce the human impact on the climate.

Business opportunities: By accelerating the pace of sustainability activities, Kungsleden can realise the sustainable offices, buildings and city districts of the future that our customers want. We concentrate on technical and scientific achievements to enable a healthy and vital working life that does not adversely impact the environment or the climate.


The long ongoing globalisation of trade, business and the economy at large is continuing to have far-reaching effects at both global and local level. Although the coronavirus pandemic is slowing this trend for 2020 and 2021, globalisation will continue to impact us as a company in the long term.

Business opportunities: Kungsleden attracts investors from outside Sweden and foreign ownership in the company has increased, thus making the Kungsleden share a more attractive investment. We generated positive interest during the pandemic since Swedish society was not in a full lockdown. By promoting diversity and inclusion, we also become attractive to tenants who have employees from many different countries.


People and businesses are increasingly being concentrated to large cities. It is in these dynamic centres that economic growth takes place and new opportunities arise.

Business opportunities: Kungsleden achieves success by focusing on developing clusters of commercial properties in selected urban markets, primarily in Stockholm. Growth potential can be found in attractive locations with a wide range of services, good transport links and an inviting and pleasant surrounding environment.