Rights issue 2014

How can I subscribe?

The subscription rights are expected to carry an economic value that can be realised only if they are exercised for subscription no later than 8 October 2014 or if they are sold no later than 3 October 2014.

After 8 October 2014, any non-exercised subscription rights will be deregistered from the holder’s account, whereby the holder will forfeit the expected value from these rights.

Terms for the rights issue

Shareholders in Kungsleden have preferential rights to subscribe for one (1) share per three (3) existing shares, i.e. a subscription ratio of 1:3.

Subscription price: SEK 35 per share
Record date for the rights issue: 19 September 2014
Subscription period: 23 September 2014 – 8 October 2014
Trading in subscription rights: 23 September 2014 – 3 October 2014