Castellum AB completes the offer to the shareholders of Kungsleden AB

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Documents for Noteholders in the MTN program


Information to the minority shareholders

  • Castellum AB has commenced compulsory redemption of all remaining shares in Kungsleden and Kungsleden's shares have been delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm as of December 3, 2021. The Swedish Companies Registration Office has appointed lawyer Stefan Sandén to monitor the rights of absent minority shareholders in connection with redemption of the shares. Minority shareholders in Kungsleden who do not wish to participate in the process will be represented by lawyer Stefan Sandén, and do not need to take any action to obtain payment for their shares. An arbitration tribunal has been appointed.

    Requests for documents or information regarding the compulsory redemption proceedings should be made to the lawyer Stefan Sandén who represents the minority shareholders, +46 70 671 13 31, e-mail For other questions, please contact the General Counsel, Malin Löveborg, e-mail

  • Due to Castellum’s application for compulsory redemption, Kungsleden has on 23 November 2021 published an announcement regarding the compulsory redemption in DN, SvD and Post- och Inrikes Tidningar. On the same day, a letter with information about the announcement was sent by post to the minority shareholders who owned shares in Kungsleden as of November 15, 2021.
  • Notice on compulsory redemption 23 November 2021 (pdf)



  • As a result of Castellum AB controlling more than 90 percent of the shares in Kungsleden AB, the board of Kungsleden has applied for delisting of the company’s shares from Nasdaq Stockholm. The application for delisting has been approved by Nasdaq Stockholm. The last day for trading in Kungsleden AB’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm is December 3, 2021.
  • As of November 19, 2021, Castellum AB controls approximately 96.5 percent of the total number of outstanding shares and votes in Kungsleden AB. Castellum AB has called for compulsory redemption of the remaining shares in Kungsleden AB.
  • Kungsleden AB has convened an Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday, December 10, 2021. The Extraordinary General Meeting has been convened at the request of the shareholder Castellum AB, which represents approximately 91.9 percent of the number of outstanding shares and votes in Kungsleden AB as of the date of publication of the notice


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