Working at Kungsleden

Do you want to work at a dynamic, creative and values-driven company that aims to become Sweden's largest and most successful real estate company?

We aim to always be professional, show consideration and have fun at work. We strive to be an attractive employer providing a good work environment as well as prioritising health and safety. It is important to us that we are an efficient organisation with committed employees who create good results. By growing a positive work culture, we have become an effective force for change, contributing to sustainable development in society.

Over 130 employees from Malmö to Östersund work with everything from property management and leasing, to transactions and project development. With us, decision-making is decentralised and so there are great opportunities to be involved and influential.

Our culture

Our three values ​​- professionalism, being caring and sharing joy - guide us in how to act, both towards each other and others. The values ​​make it easier to make the right decisions and prioritise tasks in daily work, and we evaluate behaviour linked to the values ​​in our annual goal and development discussions.

We annually award the Culture Carrier of the Year award to an employee who complies with our values ​​in an exemplary manner.

We want to promote cooperation and increased interaction between colleagues and we have different initiatives for this. For instance, we always have Friday breakfast where we can socialise across departments and sometimes we bring in both internal and external guest speakers to share information and experiences.

Diversity and equal treatment

Our goal is for our employees to reflect the diversity in society and for all employees to have equal opportunities for development. We are convinced that internal diversity means that we make better decisions and thus create better results.

We have an even gender distribution across the company and among senior executives, women make up the majority. In other diversity aspects such as nationality, we still have some work to do and are actively working on the issue. For example, in the autumn of 2020, we organised diversity workshops with the aim of educating all employees with regards to what diversity can mean. We also collaborated with Fryshuset regarding summer jobs for young people in administration. We wanted to to inspire young people to build a career in administration by showing them how fun and enriching it could be.

Another example of working to increase diversity is that we insist on diversity best practices being upheld in all our external recruitment processes and likewise expect to receive applications from diverse backgrounds from our recruitment partners.

To counteract all forms of abusive discrimination is a matter of course for us.

Development opportunities and benefits
With us, decisions can be made from across the organisation, no matter where you work. It promotes action and innovation. As an employee, if you have good ideas, there are great opportunities to be influential.

Your development as an employee

We have a structured process to take advantage of our employees' potential and willingness to develop and to minimise the risk of skills shortages. Development can be both learning new things within an existing role and trying something completely new. We have several employees who have tried different roles and tasks over the years. There are many competencies in the company that you can be part of and we also offer courses and training to suit you as an individual and your role in the company.

As an employee with us, you are expected to take active responsibility for your own development. Through individual goals and development plans, we have a structured process for taking advantage of our employees' potential and willingness to develop. Twice a year, we conduct individual goal and development interviews where personal goals are set and followed up together between employees and line managers.

Leadership development

To promote good leadership, we have developed a leadership promise that our leaders will be open, supportive and committed. This means that our leaders must:

  • show openness, trust and confidence in employees
  • provide employees with support, development and constructive feedback
  • be present and available
  • engage employees and create positive energy based on Kungsleden's values ​​and vision

We draw attention to good leadership through the King Leader of the Year award, which goes to one of several nominated leaders who live up to the leadership promise in a good way.

To create consensus about leadership behaviour and values ​​that strengthen the leadership culture and the long-term perspective of the results that are created, we work continuously to develop our leaders and all leaders participate in recurring leadership forums and an annual conference.

Health and wellness

We care about the health and well-being of our employees, both physically and mentally. Although we are proud to have a low level of sick leave, we are constantly working to continue reducing it and to promote the well-being of our employees. Among other things, all employees are offered private health insurance, a health examination and a generous health care allowance of SEK 5,000 per employee and year.

We also collaborate with SATS and Nordic Wellness, which gives our employees advantageous membership fees. We also offer other exercise initiatives such as group sessions, running coaches, yoga and participation in running competitions. Our employees are also offered standing paddle times in several of our clusters.

We are each other's work environment to a large extent and we work continuously with how we act towards each other. Workload and stress are a challenge on Kungsleden just like in the surrounding community. Here we work preventively and train in how to identify warning signals and act on them.

Performance-based variable remuneration

In addition to stimulating tasks with good development opportunities, Kungsleden's ambition is to also offer performance-based variable remuneration to all employees. In recent years, all employees have had the opportunity for an extra monthly salary in variable remuneration.

Kungsleden Art Association

Here at Kungsleden we have an art association which we call "Konstleden". It is an annual raffle of art. Employees who wish pay for the voluntary membership monthly and Kungsleden adds the corresponding amount where everything ends up in a big pot. Once a year, Konstleden's board buys art of various kinds, everything from paintings, candlesticks, vases to chairs and more. The draw takes place during March every year. It is an appreciated and pleasant happening and also a benefit.