Processing of personal data

Kungsleden always processes personal data in a responsible manner and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). On this page you will find more detailed information about Kungsleden’s processing of personal data. We encourage all concerned parties to access the information on this page. Kungsleden has an internal data protection policy based on applicable law and regulations. The policy applies to all of the Kungsleden Group’s operations and all employees.


As a tenant to one of the companies within the Kungsleden Group (below ”Kungsleden”), certain personal data are collected and processed in different ways. Please find below information regarding the processing routines as well as your rights as a registered person. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the information below is provided to contact persons, representatives or other individuals whose personal data may be processed during the rental relationship.


Personal data controller is:
Each owners subsidiary in the Kungsleden Group
Box 704 14
S-107 25 Stockholm

For more information regarding Kungsleden’s processing of personal data, please contact us at 08-503 052 00 or

If you have any complaints on Kungsleden’s processing of your personal data you may contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (sw. Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten).


As a tenant to Kungsleden, your personal information is processed to the extent necessary to administer the rental relationship, including rental notifications, and for Kungsleden to fulfill its obligations towards you, for example communication regarding administration and maintenance of the premises and the property. In addition, the information is used to enable Kungsleden to send customized offers to you as a tenant, as well as conducting customer surveys, statistics, market analyzes, invitations to events and to manage your queries. We also process information regarding disturbances in our properties and late rental payments to maintain our legal right as a landlord. Prior to signing a lease, a credit report is obtained to ensure the financial situation allows rental payments. The processing is based on the lease agreement.

Marketing will be sent to you as a tenant based on either an explicit consent or an assesment of legitimate interests conducted by Kungsleden.

When the tenant is a legal entity (company), Kungsleden processes personal data regarding the tenant’s contact person (s), in accordance with above.

Many properties have are entry systems administered by the landlord, which entails that Kungsleden processes personal data for employees of the tenant. Kungsleden, and also the tenants, have a legitimate interest that the property has a entry system with regards to safety, public order and prevention of crime.

As regards to residential management, the Swedish Property Federation (sw. Fastighetsägarna) have published guidelines for processing of personal data. Kungsleden complies with these guidelines in the management of residential properties, as these guidelines are considered good market practice.

Kungsleden’s uses camera surveillance in some of the properties. Kungsleden has a legitimate interest in camera surveillance with regard to security, public order and prevention of crime. Kungsleden follows the Swedish Property Federation’s guidelines to camera surveillance and usually saves recorded material for a maximum of four weeks.


Personal data may be disclosed to authorities as provided by law, to any partners providing support services to Kungsleden, such as IT services or management services, or companies providing goods/services that the tenant may benefit from in the rental relationship, in a manner and to the extent necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you as a tenant and for marketing purposes.


Kungsleden strives not to transfer data to a country or company located outside the EU / EEA. However, if there is a need for such a transfer, Kungsleden will take appropriate action to best protect our tenants’ personal data.


The tenant’s personal data will be saved as long as the rental relationship persists and thereafter the time required or permitted by current legislation and practice.

Details regarding the tenant’s contact person is saved as long as he or she is registered as a contact person. The details will be updated if the tenant announces another contact person.


When Kungsleden collects and processes your personal data, you have certain rights. You are entitled to:

- Request an extract of the personal data Kungsleden use and how the data is processed;

- Request correction of any incorrect information;

- Request to be deleted. However, deletion can only be accomplished provided that Kungsleden is not entitled to retain the data on any other legal basis;

- Request that, in certain circumstances, the processing is limited, for example during investigation whether data is correct or not and;

Use of the right to data portability.

For questions regarding processing of your personal data, please contact Kungsleden at


Kungsleden takes appropriate technical and organisational safety measures to prevent and limit risks associated with the disclosure of personal data such as unauthorized access, disclosure, abuse, editing information and destruction. Only authorized personnel restricted by confidentiality agreements have access to identifiable personal data.


Kungsleden’s websites may contain various blogs, forums, wikis, and other social media applications or services that allow you to share content with other users (collectively "Social Media Applications"). All personal data or other information you add to any Social Media Application may be read, retrieved and used by other users of this Social Media application outside our control. Therefore, we do not accept liability for any other user’s use or misuse of personal data that you have published to in any Social Media application.