Alert irregularities anonymously with our whistleblower service

Good, sound business ethics is central to us at Kungsleden and it is important to us that individuals feel that they can sound the alarm if they suspect that something is contrary to our guidelines. It gives us an opportunity to prevent or correct an issue or a situation that has gone wrong.

If you do not want your identity to be known, we offer a secure channel for anonymous reporting and dialogue. This service is handled by an external party, WhistleB, and is intended for serious matters only.

You can reach the whistleblower service here:

If you prefer to talk to someone to report suspicious misconduct, please call either Hanna Brandström, Head of People and Culture at Castellum, +46 70 690 65 69, or Malin Löveborg, General Counsel at Castellum, +46 76 106 04 05.

Our values mean that we are professional and show each other respect, we distance ourselves from all forms of corruption and do not accept or offer, promise or provide improper benefits. We do business in a professional, neat and transparent way, and have a good attitude both internally and externally. We have zero tolerance for irregularities.

As a supportive measure, we have a code of conduct for our suppliers, an internal code of conduct for all employees and guidelines for whistleblowing. We build our long-term success on our ethical guidelines, which are described in our code of conduct.