The Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee proposes i.e. election of board members, the chairman of the board and the auditor. The Nomination Committee consist of at least three and maximum five members.

The AGM 2021 adopted a new instruction for the Nomination Committee. The members of the Nomination Committee will be appointed by the four largest shareholders in terms of voting rights as per 31 August each year and the composition of the Nomination Committee will be communicated during the autumn. The chairman of the Board shall also be a member of the Nomination Committee. In September 2021, the members of the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 2022 were appointed as set out below.

The nomination committee for the AGM 2022

  • Göran Larsson, chairman of the Nomination Committee, appointed by Gösta Welandson with companies
  • Sanja Batljan, appointed by Ilija Batljan with companies
  • Jonas Broman, appointed by Olle Florén with companies
  • Niklas Johansson, appointed by Handelsbanken Fonder
  • Charlotte Axelsson, chairman of the Board

Proposals to the nomination committee

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee are invited to contact the Nomination Committee by e-mail or by sending a letter:

Kungsleden AB
The Nomination Committee
Box 70414
107 25 Stockholm

Proposals should be submitted to the Nomination Committee by no later than 31 January 2022 in order to be considered prior to the Annual General Meeting 2022.





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