Group Management

The Group management team consists of the company’s CEO, Deputy CEO/CFO, Regional managers, Head of Communications, Head of People and Culture, Head of Treasury and General Counsel.

Information on shareholdings refer to holdings at 31 Dec 2020 and include, for those who are defined as executive management according to MAR, holdings through companies and related parties.

Group Management

Biljana Pehrsson


Born 1970. Employed since 2013.

Previous experience: Deputy CEO/Head of Real Estate at East Capital Private Equity, CEO Centrumutveckling. Board member of Kungsleden during 2011–2013.

Holds 155,000 shares in Kungsleden inclusive capital insurance relating to pension depot.

Ylva Sarby Westman

Deputy CEO / CFO

Born 1973. Employed since 2009.

Previous experience: Executive Deputy CEO at Newsec Investment AB, Property Development Manager at NCC Property Development AB.

Holds 24,395 shares in Kungsleden.

Mats Eriksson

Regional manager Västerås and Mälaren Valley

Born 1963. Employed since 2015.

Previous experience: Business Manager Retail Newsec Asset Management, Head of Property Development ICA Fastigheter AB, Business Area Manager at NIAM AB and Property Manager at Siab AB.

Holds 10,000 shares in Kungsleden.

Ulrica Sjöswärd

Regional manager Göteborg / Malmö

Born 1974. Employed since 2017.

Previous experience: Business Area Manager Platzer Fastigheter AB, Regional Manager ICA Fastigheter AB.

Holds 5,500 shares in Kungsleden.

Sven Stork

Regional manager Stockholm

Born 1967. Employed since 2014.

Previous experience: Key Account Manager at Newsec Asset Management, Asset Manager at Niam AB, Project Manager at NCC Property Development AB.

Holds 6,860 shares in Kungsleden.

Malin Axland

General Counsel

Born 1974. Employed since 2007.

Previous experience: Lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling, law clerk at Huddinge District Court.

Holds 5,319 shares in Kungsleden.

Hanna Brandström

Head of People and Culture

Born 1980. Employed since 2017.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Previous experience: HR manager General Motors Nordic, Opel/Chevrolet Sverige AB, General Manager HR & Legal at SC Motors Sweden AB.

Holds 509 shares in Kungsleden.

Fredrik Sandell

Head of Treasury

Born 1984. Employed since 2011.

Prior experience: Financial analyst at Kungsleden. Administrator Fund management at Skandiabanken.

Holds 696 shares in Kungsleden.

Anna Trane

Head of communications

Born 1968. Employed since 2020.

Previous experience: Director & Head of Corporate Media Relations NCC, Press & PR Manager Cybercom, presenter and financial commentator Swedish Television (SVT).

Holds 400 shares in Kungsleden.