Corporate governance

We endeavour to obtain open, transparent and accurate communication so that shareholders and other stakeholders can understand and evaluate Kungsleden’s performance.

The corporate governance of Kungsleden has been developed through legislation, recommendations and self-regulation. The transparency of corporate communication is another important component.

Corporate governance involves those decision paths through which Kungsleden’s owners govern the company directly or indirectly.

The goals of Kungsleden’s Board of Directors and business steering group should correspond to the expectations and standards that shareholders, the Stockholm Stock Exchange and other stakeholders apply to the company.

Kungsleden applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

Kungsleden applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code). The implications of Kungsleden’s implementation of the code include a review of its existing decision-making systems through which owners govern the company directly and indirectly. As part of the Code’s application process, the company has prepared a Corporate Governance Report.

The Corporate Governance Report states how the company has applied the Code over the most recent financial year, any instances of non-compliance with individual Code stipulations and an exclamation for them.

Corporate Governance reports



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