Business model and strategy

Based on our vision, that we create attractive and sustainable places where people are inspired, our business model is based on three collaborative key activities. These are, customer-oriented management, value creating development and refinement as well as strategic acquisitions and optimisation. Through them, we create value for customers, employees, society, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Key activities in our business model

Customer-oriented management

Kungsleden's management focuses on people. Our properties are a means for us to, in close collaboration with customers and with high sustainability ambitions, create places and environments for a better working life. We own several properties in the same selected locations - clusters - because it allows us to adapt and sharpen our offer based on the tenants' needs, and actively influence the development of the entire area.

Value creating development and refinement

Kungsleden develops, refines, modernises and customises properties with people at the centre. We always have a holistic perspective with a focus on health and wellbeing. With the help of modern solutions and services, sustainable material choices and climate adaptation, we create living and attractive premises and areas that simplify people's everyday lives, increase well-being, inspire and contribute to the development of a sustainable city.

Strategic acquisitions and optimisation

Kungsleden continuously expands and optimises their property portfolio with a main focus on sustainable and attractive offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Västerås. At least half of the property value must be in Stockholm and at least 70 percent of the portfolio consist of offices. Our sustainability goals are set high and this aspect is central to the evaluation of acquisitions and investment objectives.