The Board has been composed to actively and efficiently support the management in the company's development.

Skills and experience of segments including the property sector, funding, business development and capital market issues are important to the company.

Kungsleden’s Articles of Association stipulate the company’s Board of Directors comprising a minimum of three and a maximum of eight members with a maximum of two deputies. The Board members and deputies are elected annually at the AGM for the period until the end of the next AGM.

The following Board members were re-elected at the AGM 2017: Charlotte Axelsson, Joachim Gahm, Liselotte Hjorth, Göran Larsson, Kia Orback Pettersson and Charlotta Wikström, and Ingalill Berglund was elected. Göran Larsson was also re-elected as Chairman of the Board.


Board members are independent of the company, the corporate management and major shareholders. One of the board members is affiliated to major shareholders of the company.


Information on shareholdings refer to holdings at 13 April 2017, and include shares from the rights issue and holdings through companies and related parties.

Board of Directors